Preservation of the Céline Dion Collection

In August 2017, the United Music Foundation preserved, in Geneva, a collection of 35 Céline Dion master tapes found in the archive of a Paris production company.

This collection, which includes about 40 tracks recorded in French, German and English, not only features the original masters and safety copies of tracks released between 1981 and 1988 but also alternate versions, unreleased demos and backing tracks.

This preservation project is also a tribute to Celine Dion's victory for Switzerland at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, before embarking on a great international career.

These recordings of great artistic quality were preserved in high resolution (24bits / 96kHz).

This preservation work was not financially supported.

Céline Dion master tape Céline Dion master tape Céline Dion master tape Céline Dion master tape
Some of the tapes preserved

Bande de Maria Callas Bande de Maria Callas

Céline Dion - Photo: Alain Marouani
Photo: Alain Marouani