Our Services

The United Music Foundation opens its audio heritage preservation and restoration services to professionals as well as private individuals. Please feel free to contact us for further information.



  • Identification of any visible degradation and damage on each audio media;
  • Restoration of each media prior to any audio reproduction;
  • Preservation of each analog media in high resolution (minimum 24bits 96kHz), with prior setting of the azimuth on the playback head of the tape recorder.
  • Live monitoring of each audio tape, making it possible to simultaneously complete preservation reports.


    Preservation of a master tape
    Cedar Cambridge system



    We have access to a broad range of audio restoration tools, including the Cedar Cambridge system, which is currently the only existing unit in Switzerland.


    The performance of this system is beyond compare for:


    • Reducing broadband noise;
    • Eliminating clicks and crackle;
    • Attenuating or eliminating distortion;
    • Correcting audio phase;
    • Restoring the stereo image;
    • Correcting speed variations;
    • Spectral equalization without changing the audio level.

    We carry out all our restoration work in full respect of the original works.



      to be made available to the public

      In order to pass on these recordings to future generations, we do our best, through our research, to include essays, interviews, pictures, as well as any other kind of historical memorabilia in each new release.

      We can gather the credits for the artists, the songwriters, and, if possible, the musicians, as well as recording dates and locations.

      In the case of a release, we can take all necessary steps to ensure that the rights of songwriters, artists and owners to the recorded works are fully respected.


        Information on the box
        of a master tape from 1955