Nicole Croisille - Il était une fois... Nicole




Once upon a time... Il était une fois... Nicole

For the first time on CD, two major albums by a true icon of French song: CROISILLE 80, an album cut like a jewel with Michel Colombier, musical director and multi-faceted alchemist, and FEMME…WOMAN IN YOUR ARMS, a collection of Nicole Croisille’s great classics reinterpreted in English and, for two songs, in Spanish … recordings of unequalled sound quality accompanied by previously unpublished photographs and an essay about this absolute artist at her best.


A magical collaboration with Michel Colombier.

Her greatest hits sung in English. Album previously unreleased in French-speaking countries.

Collector's Edition 2 CD set + 40-page Hardcover Booklet
with hot-stamped gold printing and an Obi strip, including:

  • 12 bonus tracks including:
    4 previously unreleased recordings, as well as
    the Spanish versions of her classic hits Une femme avec toi and Parlez-moi de lui.
  • 33 tracks preserved and restored from the original master tapes or the best surviving audio sources.
    Over 2 hours of music. High definition mastering.
  • Many rare or previously unpublished pictures.
  • An essay by Pierre Guitton and David Hadzis with the story of these recordings.
  • An exclusive code for a free download in 24 bits / 96 kHz Hi-Res Audio*
    *Valid only in the 18 countries where Qobuz is currently available: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

This project was produced in collaboration with the artist, on the occasion of UNESCO's celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

All benefits from the sale of this Collector's Edition will be used for future projects in favor of the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of recorded music heritage.

CD 1

Croisille 80

  1. CD1-01Rio et Venise
  2. CD1-02Je t'aimais
  3. CD1-03Poursuite
  4. CD1-04Encore
    Ancora, ancora, ancora
  5. CD1-05Allo mélo
  6. CD1-06Les ringards de la gloire
  7. CD1-07Léo
  8. CD1-08Attends-moi
  9. CD1-09Un enfant qui voudrait bien arriver
  10. CD1-10Celle que tu veux, celle que je suis
  11. CD1-11Convalescente


  1. CD1-12Chanson d'amour
  2. CD1-13Dansez pour moi
    Love To Love
  3. CD1-14Je n'ai pas dit mon dernier mot d'amour
    From the film "La dérobade"
  4. CD1-15Léo
    Promo 7" version

CD 2

Femme... Woman In Your Arms

  1. CD2-01Woman In Your Arms
    Une femme avec toi
  2. CD2-02The Loving Song
  3. CD2-03Live For Life
    Vivre pour vivre - from the film "Vivre pour vivre"
  4. CD2-04Love Happily
    C'est comme un arc-en-ciel
  5. CD2-05My Love You've Gone
    Tu m'avais dit
  6. CD2-06Tell Me What I Want To Hear
  7. CD2-07Look At Me
    Le garçon que j'aimais
  8. CD2-08Once Upon A Summertime
    La valse des lilas
  9. CD2-09Let Me Help You Love Again
    Je ne suis que de l'amour - From the film "Histoire d'O"
  10. CD2-10Our Tune Now Belongs To The Past
    En oubliant qu'on était deux


  1. CD2-11Until It's Time For You To Go*
  2. CD2-12Pillow Talk
  3. CD2-13Everybody Sing My Song
  4. CD2-14Unspoken Words*
    L'ombre d'un rien, d'une chance - From the film "L'ombre d'une chance"
  5. CD2-15Ready To Take A Chance Again*
    From the film "Foul Play"
  6. CD2-16We're All Alone*
  7. CD2-17Habladme de el
    Parlez-moi de lui
  8. CD2-18Contigo fui mujer
    Une femme avec toi

* Previously unreleased

Quant au livret, il est somptueux (textes et photos). A commander d'urgence [...]
Platine (France)

Voici un double réceptacle d'esthète [...] Une superbe réalisation.
Jukebox (France)

La présentation luxueuse est très bien documentée
Tribu Move Magazine (France)

Du très grand Croisille ! Un magnifique projet [...]
Nous Deux (France)

Réédition ultra-soignée [...]
Femme Actuelle (France)

La sortie du double CD [...] doit donc être saluée comme un événement.

Tribune de Genève (Suisse)

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*Valid only in countries where Qobuz is available (currently Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA).

*Valid only in countries where Qobuz is available (currently Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
24bits 96kHz