Nicole Croisille - Il était une fois... Nicole

Her father wanted her to be a translator at UNESCO. She dreamt of being an artist. Nicole Croisille would become a mime, with Marcel Marceau, then a dancer in the U. S. As if it were the most obvious thing in the world, her voice would carry her on to the singing career we all know, and Nicole Croisille would become a legend as early as 1966, with the theme song of Claude Lelouch’s A Man and a Woman.

From the very beginning of her collaboration with record producer Claude Dejacques in 1973, Nicole Croisille had hit after hit, recording in French, English, Italian, and Spanish, and finally brought all of her talents together in many prestigious musicals.

On the occasion of the 9th UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the United Music Foundation has completed the preservation of eight years of recordings by Nicole Croisille and is publishing a 2-CD set including 33 recordings – of which 4 have never been released before – that are part of the preservation project. And all with the collaboration of the artist.

Preservation project

The United Music Foundation has brought together and preserved in Geneva, in high definition (24 bits / 96 kHz), all of the original tapes of Nicole Croisille’s recordings made between 1973 and 1981.

Many of these songs are engraved in the collective memory of the French-speaking world, including:

  • Her biggest hits: Parlez-moi de lui (1973), Une femme avec toi; Téléphone-moi (1975), Emma; J’ai besoin de toi, j’ai besoin de lui (1976), Mon arc-en-ciel (1977), La Garonne; Fané, fini, foutu (1978), Dansez pour moi; Je n’ai pas dit mon dernier mot d’amour (1979), Léo; Encore (1980), Existe encore un peu (1981)...
  • 10 essential albums: Partir (1974), Femme... (1975), Olympia 76 (1976), Si l'on pouvait choisir sa vie (1976), Femme... Woman In Your Arms (1977), La femme et l'enfant (1977), Olympia 78 (1978), C'est ma vie (1978), Croisille 80 (1980), Croisille (1981), as well as
  • many previously unreleased recordings,

in all over 160 recordings preserved in high definition.

This preservation project has been accomplished with the collaboration of the producer of the recordings, Budde Music France, which has made all of its archives, equipment, and historical documentation available to the United Music Foundation.

2-CD Set -  Il était une fois... Nicole

The United Music Foundation is releasing Il était une fois… Nicole, a 2-CD set of recordings restored and remastered in high definition (24 bits / 96 kHz) from the original studio tapes acquired in this preservation project, including:

  • Two original albums:
    • Croisille 80 (1980), her collaboration with Michel Colombier, and
    • Femme... Woman In Your Arms (1977), her greatest hits re-interpreted in English (previously unreleased in French-speaking countries).
  • 12 bonus tracks, including:
    • 4 never-before released recordings, as well as
    • the Spanish versions of her classics Une femme avec toi and Parlez-moi de lui.
  • A 40-page booklet including an essay by Pierre Guitton and David Hadzis retracing the historical context of the recordings, illustrated with many previously unpublished photos.
  • Code for a free download in 24 bits / 96 kHz Hi-Res Audio*

The 2-CD set Il était une fois... Nicole is available from our online Shop:

All profits from the sale of this 2-CD set will be used for future projects in favor of the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of recorded musical heritage.



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Visuel du double CD Il était une fois... Nicole
Artwork of the 2-CD set Il était une fois... Nicole
Photo: Jean-Yves Moisdon
from Nicole Croisille's personal collection

Nicole Croisille au studio Davout, Paris, novembre 1979
Nicole Croisille at Studio Davout (Paris)
November 1979
Photo: Christian Colombier

Bande originale 16 pistes 2 pouces
Box of original 16 track 2 inch master tape of
Nicole Croisille's first recordings for Productions
Claude Pascal / Claude Dejacques
Studio Davout, May 1973