Support Committee

  • Daniel-Sidney BECHET, Paris (France)
    Musician, composer

  • Boris BERGMAN, Paris (France)
    Lyricist, writer, actor and film director

  • Michel BERNARD, Drôme Provençale (France)

  • André CASTELLA, Geneva
    Former Delegate for the Integration of Foreigners of the Canton of Geneva, Vice-president of the association "Le Respect"

  • Petula CLARK, Geneva 
    Singer and actress

  • Nicole CROISILLE, Paris (France)
    Singer and actress

  • Eric DEMARSAN, Paris (France)
    Film composer and songwriter

  • Guy DEMOLE, Geneva
    Honorary President of the Foundation of the Grand Théâtre de Genève

  • Sophie DE WECK HADDAD, Geneva
    Director of the Groupe de Confiance, the workplace harassment mediation office of the State of Geneva

  • Jacques LEISER, Montreux
    Producer, manager and photographer

  • Jacques METGES, Paris (France)

  • Christian MORIN, Paris (France)
    Presenter, musician and actor

  • Alain MORISOD, Geneva

  • Gilles STICKEL, Esq., Geneva
    Attorney-at-law (representing artists), former President of the Supreme Court of Geneva

  • Jaques VERNET, Geneva
    Former President of the State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva

  • Tom VOLF, Paris (France)
    Director of the film Maria By Callas
    President of the Callas Foundation (Paris)

  • André WAGNIÈRE, Geneva
    Historian, former banker

  • Claude WOLFF, Geneva
    Manager and producer